Monday, October 10, 2016

Don't Lose Your Design | Save Your Layout

The last thing you want to do is lose all the hard work you've done. Think about it -  you've just spent 30 to 60 minutes creating your design for custom t-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts or some other apparel product. But you're not ready to order. You need to save this design and it is extremely easy to do. 

From the designer, simply click on the Save Layout button and name your design.

Save Design Variations

Whether you are modifying a template, designing from scratch or uploading your logo, you can save every variation you want. This could be image size, ink colors, text variations, multiple print locations or whatever else you come up with.

Save Product  & Quantity Variations

Not only will Save Layout store your design, but it will save the product information, including shirt color, sizes and pricing. This is terrific for saving all sorts of variations you can later use as reference for placing orders online.

For instance, let's say you create a 4-color design you want printed on t-shirts. Perhaps you are not certain exactly which style t-shirt you want nor are your sure how many you want to buy. Likely the total cost will help you come to a decision. You can save every variation for quick comparison.

For example, you can save your design using the popular Gildan 2000 Ultra Cotton T-shirt with quantities of 50 and 100. You can then change the product, say to a finer quality Next Level Premium Cotton T-shirt , and also save that in quantities of 50 and 100. You can save each variation so long as you name each layout differently. So in this example you would have 4 different saved layouts, perhaps named My Logo Gildan 2000 - 50, My Logo Gildan 2000 - 100, My Logo Next Level 3600 - 50, My Logo Next Level 3600 - 100. Now you can log into your account and open any of these variations later for quick reference.

Save Everything

The bottom line: You can save every variation you want just as long as you name each one differently. So create variations of your design on a variety of different products and colors, so you can use them later.

From your account control panel you can access Saved Layouts

Watch How It's Done In This Video

Let us know what you think. If you have questions, just ask. Comment below.
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Monday, October 3, 2016

School T-Shirt Design In A Snap

It is so easy to create a  cool T-shirt design for your school online by editing one of our templates, that just about anybody can do it.

Here's how you do it, including a video at the end.

All you have to do is pick a shirt style, then select Decorate Now to open the designer. From the designer, you select  Add Art and choose Stock Art/Templates. Once you choose the school template you like, it will load and you can start editing.

Pick Your Product

Select Decorate Now

Add Art from the Designer

Select Your Stock Design Template

Your Template Before Editing

Your Design After Editing

Change the text or change the font style. Change the colors of the text and graphics in the design. You can rearrange the graphic and text layering. Maybe you prefer for a graphic to overlap on top of the School name - you control this with layering.

You can also add or remove text and graphics. Remember, the design template is just the starting point, so use one for starters and mash it up any way you like to make your school t-shirt design truly unique.

See How It's Done In This Video

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