Thursday, May 22, 2014

Don't Buy Custom T-Shirts Online

So why shouldn't you buy custom t-shirts online? That's simple - because you don't have to. For many folks, ordering online is just not an easy process. Furthermore, there is always the issue of TRUST. Just how do you know who you are dealing with when thousands of screen-printers are littering the Google searches with the "Best Deal on Custom T-Shirts".

If you are searching online for screen printers or embroiders to produce your custom t-shirts, polos, jackets or other apparel, then chances are that you either got let down by your local t-shirt shop or you are looking for lower prices. Both reasons have merit.

So where am I going with this? We'll, even though we here at have knocked ourselves out for years building excellent online tools for ordering custom t-shirts and apparel online, we still process most of our orders the old fashion way. We get a phone call or an email, often a referral, requesting quotes and orders. Most screen printers do this everyday.

The Point Is This

The Internet is still an excellent tool to find new or better sources for custom screen-print or embroidered apparel. They don't even need to be local necessarily. Many excellent t-shirt providers, and yes TerrifcT is one of them, have large production facilities in multiple locations across the country to facilitate shorter delivery times and lower (if not free) shipping costs.

Start Your Search

So if clicking product menus and uploading artwork just isn't your cup of tea, use the Internet to research screen printers and narrow your selection down to 3. You want to look at Reviews, Content, and Price.

Tip: Don't look on just the first page of your Google search. Many extremely competent screen printers and embroiders will be buried deep, say 10-50 pages back. 

This has nothing to do with their t-shirt printing skill, but is rather a matter of time & resources - screen printers who have had a strong Internet presence for many years, will naturally dominate the first 10 pages of your Internet Google, Bing, or Yahoo search.

Now send them an email and request a quote. Then ask them to call you for assistance. This will give you a good idea of how the operation runs. Beyond that, look for samples of their screen-printing or embroidery work on their websites. Also, read some of the reviews or testimonials - are they independently verified?

Do you make several custom garment purchases throughout the year for your business, club or organization? If so, perhaps you should try sending a small test order to your favorite candidate.

Bottom Line

You can find Excellent Screen Printing & Embroidery providers online and let them do the work of placing the order for you. Just call or email them. The good ones, will still make it easy for you.

Custom T-Shirt Competitor Comparisons

Here are a few links to popular online custom t-shirt sites, including yours truly, TerrificT, CustomInk and BlueCotton.
Custom T-Shirts from TerrificT

Custom T-Shirts from CustomInk

Custom T-Shirts from BlueCotton

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TerrificT Custom T-Shirt Testimonials
Megan D. says : I initially chose TerrificT because they had so many shirt choices available for for single item printing. When the shirt I chose wasn't available, they contacted me immediately with some alternative choices. They even contacted the mill that makes one of the shirts to verify that the measurements were accurate. I bit my nails until the shirt arrived and...YES! The shirt is perfect and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the attention to everything along the way. I will definitely be buying all my custom shirts here from now on.

See Samples of T-Shirt Printing from TerrificT

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